High Level Housing Authority
  • Low Income Housing – 61 units
    • Based on income and need; must have steady income
  • White Spruce Village – 21 units self-contained
    • 55-65 years old with restrictions
  • Rent subsidy
    • Private landlord and Direct to tenant must meet the criteria

For more information, please call 780-926-4118

Fort Vermilion Mackenzie Housing Management
  •  Low Income Housing – 46 units
    • provide subsidized rental housing to low income families, senior citizens and individuals with special needs who cannot afford private sector housing. Based on need, as determined by income and current housing conditions.
  • Rent Supplement Program
    •  assist households in need to obtain affordable and suitable rental housing accomodation by subsidizing rent in approved private sector rent, in approved private sector rental housing accommodation. Based on need as determined by income, assets and current housing conditions.
  • Sustainable Remote Housing Initiative
    •  provide opportunities to low income families to purchase a home. Based on income, continuous employment and previous home ownership or rental history.
  • Fort Vermilion Pioneer Lodge – 12 units
    • Must meet criteria. Based on need and availability.

For more information, please call 780-927-3783

 La Crete Mackenzie Housing Management
  • Low Income Housing – 17 units
    • Provide housing for low income families where rent is 30% of household income. Must meet  criteria. Based on need and availability.
  • Direct to Tenant Housing
    • Families can apply to have their rent subsidized by Mackenzie Housing Management. Maximum subsidy is 400/month. The tenant is responsible to pay the landlord. Must meet the criteria. Based on need and availability.
  • Direct to Landlord Housing
    • Providing low income housing where Mackenzie Housing Management enter into a contract with the landlord and the tenant pays a portion of their income for rent (30%). Must meet criteria. Based on need and availability.
  • Affordable Housing Program
    • Assist low income families in purchasing their own home by offering interest loan free loan. Must meet criteria. Based on need and availability
  • La Crete Altenheim – 30 units
    • Must meet criteria. Based on need and availability

For more information, please call 780-841-5466 or  780-928-4348